San Isidro Home:

Monday to Saturday
12pm – 11pm

Grill Monserrate:

Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 8am – 4pm

Santa Clara Home:

Monday to Friday 12pm – 4pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sundays and holidays 9am – 4pm



The gastronomy of Bogota, as it is in the rest of the country, includes several regional cuisines, each of them with its specialties, with Spanish and indigenous ingredients and various preparation methods. The main ingredient of the Colombian diet are tubers, especially cassava and potato, accompanied by meat or fish. The consumption of corn and rice is also massive, in addition to wheat used in its flours. The main legumes used are lentil and pea, and plantain is very important within our diet.

The country’s weather allows the growth of a wide variety of crops, as well as exotic fruits and fish of both fresh water and salt water. The city of Bogota offers visitors a wide range of dining options: from typical Bogotana food, to dishes from other regions or different countries and hosts plenty of restaurants for all budgets.


Bogota is not only striking for its eastern hills, oweather or simply being the capital of Colombia. Its gastronomy is also one of the strongest attractions for…

Typical Meals

Some of the most traditional dishes of Bogotá are for example the Fritanga, prepared based on different types of meat: chorizo, pork, beef, heart, udder, and also includes…


Santa Clara Home Restaurant

Located on top of Monserrate Hill, having the beautiful city of Bogotá as the main landscape, this restaurant offers its visitors the opportunity to taste Colombian dishes such as the mero costeño, the Tamales from Tolima, Bandeja Paisa, curd cheese with mamey sweet, or its famous barbecues of chuletitas or chops.

You can also enjoy unforgettable sunsets in the company of the best “onces santafereñas” (Tea time) in our Cafe Santa Clara.

Another of the charms of this restaurant is that it operates in a beautiful house built in 1924 in the village of Usaquén, and moved to Monserrate Hill in 197

9.Phone: (57+1) 7454630 WhatsApp: (+57) 3152539963

payment methods: national and international credit cards, cash, dollars, payment from anywhere in the world through your credit card with the non-in-person system.

Casa San Isidro Restaurant

At the top of the beautiful hill of Monserrate for 40 years the bogotanos enjoy the best French menu restaurant in the city. Since then, the restaurant has been famous for its gastronomic seasons present throughout the year. Fish in Lent season, French menu in May and June, lobster in September, wine and champagne in December: always creating new and delicious options for their diners.

This colonial house, whose decoration evokes the drowsy, quiet and loving city of the mid-19th century, today is an ideal venue to taste delicate meats, birds, rabbits and fish, with the gentle murmur of the piano, or if you prefer, on our panoramic terrace, with the beautiful city of Bogotá at your feet.

Phone: (57+1) 7454630 WhatsApp: (+57) 3152539963

Payment methods: national and international credit cards, cash, dollars, payment from anywhere in the world through your credit card with the non-in-person system.

Monserrate Grill Restaurant

On the eastern side of the Sanctuary of Monserrate, is located a beautiful panoramic lounge with large windows that offer a view of the natural reserve owned by the Aqueduct of Bogotá.

Its menu has been conceived, thinking about those pilgrim walkers and tourists who want to enjoy exquisite grilled meats and a traditional typical menu; breakfast service, lunch, onces (Tea time) casual and fast.

In our bar you can quickly choose any of those delicious options.

The salon is designed to comfortably serve up to 200 people, thinking of public and private institutions that may want to organize visits to Monserrate, offering prices according to this

purpose. For your ease we have a reservations and events department that will be willing to attend all your needs. 

Phone line for events and reservations: (57+1) 7454630 / 2819309 / 2819270.


Payment methods: national and international credit cards, cash, dollars, payment from anywhere in the world through your credit card with the non-in-person system.

Scheduling events.





Monserrate Hill


Teleférico and Cable Car

How to get here?


If you are downtown, you must walk headed to the Quinta de Bolivar and once you are there, continue walking 300 meters approximately towards the eastern hills of Bogota. There you will find the Funicular station.

You can also find the best route in the following link


By Car

If you wish to share this plan with your family or friends by car, we recommend you to take Circunvalar Avenue in any direction, other suggested roads are 26th Avenue and 19th Avenue. Right in front of the Monserrate station, you will find different public parking spots where you can park your vehicle.

By Public Transportation

If you are using Transmilenio, you can get here from anywhere in the city. You must take a bus that says AGUAS or UNIVERSIDADES. You will identify them because the bus number also has a letter, in this case, J for example J24, J23, J72, these routes will stop at the stations Aguas or Universidades. Once you go to any of those two stations, you will be very close to Monserrate hill, you can get there walking (10-15 minutes), take a taxi, a taxi should charge you approximately between $5000 to $6000 Colombian pesos.


In the following link, you can check out the different routes available in the city. 


From the Airport

If you are arriving from another country or city, please make sure you take a registered taxi from the airport. Monserrate is a very popular and known place in Bogota, most taxi drivers know how to get there. 

The address is Carrera 2nda Este #21-48 Cable Car and Funicular Station, close to the Quinta de Bolivar Museum and the University of Los Andes. The most common road to get there is the 26th Avenue and the Circunvalar.