A competition conducted by Red Bull in which 50 mountain cycles were launched from the highest of the mountain with the purpose of setting a Guiness record to the largest number of stairs in descent and the longest track of “Downhill”

Monthly about 4,500 athletes visit the hill of Monserrate, which has already become a sports routine. The current record of ascent on foot to the hill of Monserrate, is 18 minutes.

They are already confirmed to participate the best riders in the world, among them the Czech Tomas Slavik, winner on multiple occasions of Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo in Chile, and the Colombian Marcelo Gutiérrez, winner of the latest version of the Downhill Urbano of Manizales. In addition, there will be other figures such as Carson Storch of the United States, Pedro Ferreira of Chile, Adrien Loron of France and other nationalities such as Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and Spain.