Monday to Saturday:

5:30 a.m Descent for athletes.
6:30 a.m (public) Until 11:45 noon.

Box Office Closure: 10:30pm

Monday holidays:

6:30 a.m a 5:30 p.m
Box office closure: 5:30 p.m


5:30 a.m a 5:30 p.m
Box office closure: 5:30pm



On Sunday, August 18, 1929 very early, all of Bogota gathered, at the bottom of the imposing hill of Monserrate, on the promenade of the republic, just above the Quinta of Bolivar, to see with patriotic enthusiasm the crowning of this company, honor of the city and pride of the homeland.

The community arrived early. At 10 a.m. the police arrived, and behind them, town officials and shareholders. 

On the beautiful house of the lower station, the flags of Colombia and Switzerland waved by the winds of August, It was not a surprise, the engine of 150 horses and the machinery was built by the y, Anonymous society, Brown Boveri of Baden Switzerland, as well as the elegant carriages, design and construction of the Von Roll House of Bern.


The cable car to Monserrate began its building on August 13, 1953 and was inaugurated on September 27, 1955, with its large windows on all sides. It offers an imposing view of the Hill that contrasts with …


The Funicular is a means of transport by rail that consists of two cars with the capacity to carry cargo and people, these cars travel on rails and are pulled by cables.


In order to make your visit pleasant and have no inconveniences, remember that we have the following restrictions.

Children pay full rate if their height is greater than 1 Meter
The rate for athletes applies from 5:30am to 9:00am every day exept Sundays and holidays
The entry of pets is allowed as long as they are inside their cage or kennel. They must stay inside it during the ride either by funicular or cable car. It is mandatory to show an up to date vaccination card.  Code. Police 2017.
Once at the hill your pet will be able to stay out of the cage/kennel as long as
it is on a leash and wears a muzzle. The owner must also be responsible for the grooming and cleaning of his/her pet.

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Cable Car

How to get here?


If you are downtown, you must walk headed to the Quinta de Bolivar and once you are there, continue walking 300 meters approximately towards the eastern hills of Bogota. There you will find the Funicular station.

You can also find the best route in the following link


By Car

If you wish to share this plan with your family or friends by car, we recommend you to take Circunvalar Avenue in any direction, other suggested roads are 26th Avenue and 19th Avenue. Right in front of the Monserrate station, you will find different public parking spots where you can park your vehicle.

By Public Transportation

If you are using Transmilenio, you can get here from anywhere in the city. You must take a bus that says AGUAS or UNIVERSIDADES. You will identify them because the bus number also has a letter, in this case, J for example J24, J23, J72, these routes will stop at the stations Aguas or Universidades. Once you go to any of those two stations, you will be very close to Monserrate hill, you can get there walking (10-15 minutes), take a taxi, a taxi should charge you approximately between $5000 to $6000 Colombian pesos.


In the following link, you can check out the different routes available in the city. 


From the Airport

If you are arriving from another country or city, please make sure you take a registered taxi from the airport. Monserrate is a very popular and known place in Bogota, most taxi drivers know how to get there. 

The address is Carrera 2nda Este #21-48 Cable Car and Funicular Station, close to the Quinta de Bolivar Museum and the University of Los Andes. The most common road to get there is the 26th Avenue and the Circunvalar.